Certified Carbon-Neutral Diamonds


Proud to be India’s first Diamond cutting and polishing company to offer natural diamonds that are certified CarbonNeutral® products.

Our Purpose

Sustainable lifestyle
with a promise


100% certified carbon
neutral natural diamonds


Offsetting emissions
through sustainable practices


An ethically
prosperous value chain

For Shairu Gems Diamonds Pvt. Ltd., being CarbonNeutral® is not a destination but a constant endeavor. Our focus remains to offer our valued customers ethically and sustainably curated products together by being a part of the journey towards a sustainable future.

A Leader in sustainability in the natural diamond sector

Shairu Gems Diamonds Pvt. Ltd., is pleased to announce that we are India’s first natural diamond cutting and polishing company with natural diamonds certified as CarbonNeutral® products. The greenhouse gas emissions that are associated with cutting and polishing diamonds are completely offset by Shairu Gems Diamonds Pvt. Ltd., thereby culminating in the one-of-its-kind offering that is our CarbonNeutral® product certified natural diamonds.

What we did

A company that is wholly aligned with De Beers in fostering a sustainable, traceable and ethically prosperous value chain, we are proud to receive the Natural Capital Partners CarbonNeutral® product certification for our Natural Diamonds. This accomplishment is an important milestone as we pursue prosperity while keeping in mind our commitment towards protecting the world and its people.

The outcome

Our pursuit of cutting and polishing natural diamonds certified as CarbonNeutral® products is a huge step that will affect the entire supply chain. Shairu Gems Diamonds Pvt. Ltd. will not only offset their carbon footprint, but also those attributed to all third parties in the supply chain up to the point where the polished diamond reaches our customers.

Our focus

With an unwavering focus in our journey towards sustainability we continue to adopt practices and offer products that reflect our net-zero commitment and usher in a brighter future for our next generation.

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