Our Craftsmanship

The art of creating a perfect diamond

The diamond production process has hardly evolved in the last five hundred years or so. Over the last decade, however, diamantaires have extensively introduced modern technology at each stage of cutting and polishing to maximize the yield, proportions and symmetry.

To see the subtle combination of scientific optimization and human craftsmanship in diamond production, feel free to visit our manufacturing facility!


What makes us special


Our manufacturing processes are fully integrated with refined tracking systems for just-in-time-delivery (JITD). We believe in training our staff adequately and investing in research and development at every step. We have exclusively assigned teams in place to continuously improve and track special orders.


We have a dedicated in-house special cuts R&D department and a special cuts manufacturing unit that help differentiate our products with superior light. We have made substantial technological investments in our production facilities and have an ongoing joint R&D relationship with various research & technological entities.


Our diamonds have superior light return (minimum 97%) in pique goods with visible H&A. All thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and investment in special cuts research and development.

A look at how our diamonds are made