Our Core Strengths

A backbone built on a strong work ethic!

We apply our values and principles to everything we do. Along with our daily operations, we also focus on social, environmental, and ethical dimensions such as girl school donations, public school subsidies, blood donation campaigns, hospital donations, tree plantations, bird nurseries, environmental certification, and employee welfare.

With 6 decades of experience, our ethics and principles are particularly acknowledged by our US retailers' customers as we display a coherent and value-based approach with all our initiatives.

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    Pipeline integrity

    Results in enhanced consumer reassurance from rough to polished.

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    De Beers Sightholder

    Ensures consistency, reliability, authenticity, and integrity of our diamonds.

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    360 degree digitalization

    Enables traceability and greater efficiencies throughout the cutting and polishing process.

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    97% or more light return

    Round brilliants that lead to optimal brilliance.

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    Dedicated team for retail programmes

    Enables us to fulfil the requirements of our retail partners and their marketing campaigns.

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    Balanced distribution channels

    Allows us to maintain an active presence across a global footprint of clients and polished products.