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We are India’s first carbon-neutral natural diamond company

Because we believe industry practices should change. The climate shouldn’t.

Our Purpose

The future is green.
So is our DNA.


friendly operations


The world's first green diamond factory


Holistic corporate responsibility

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As a family-owned company, our actions have always been driven by a strong ethical code, high corporate standards and best practices from mine to retail.

Through our green initiatives and philanthropic work, we are trying to give back more than we take from the communities we operate in.

We are, after all, India’s first carbon-neutral natural diamond company, who also created the country's first gold-level LEED (IGBC) certified diamond manufacturing facility in 2014. In 2019, we were platinum-certified by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

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An eco-conscious legacy in the making.

Our LEED (IGBC) certified diamond manufacturing facility is the first of its kind in India. This facility was planned, from inception, to function sustainably with a minimal toll on the environment.

  • energy
    Energy efficient diamond production facility
  • eco
    Built with eco-friendly materials
  • water
    On-site water conservation
  • solar
    Optimised energy consumption

Our Principles

The journey from mine to retail

A diamond from Shairu Gems isn't just superior in cut, clarity, and brilliance. Its journey is also recorded in the elaborate blockchain collection from mine to retail.

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    Diamond Origin

    We provide accurate and reliable information about the ethical sourcing of a diamond.

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    Diamond Production

    We share images and videos of your diamond’s journey including: choosing the rough diamond, laser cutting, and polishing.

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    Blockchain Benefit

    Active monitoring of the diamond’s entire journey helps us track our supply chain management. Our diamonds are therefore 100% traceable, inspiring trade and consumer confidence.

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    Diamond Passport

    We ensure evaluation, authentication, and unbiased grading of every polished diamond via internationally recognised polished diamond grading laboratories and tell the finished diamond’s complete green story.

Our Craftsmanship

Cut to Perfection

Cutting a rough rock into a diamond is a labour of love made possible by our dedicated, in-house special cuts R&D department and manufacturing unit. Using the latest design and light performance software, and efficient rough-to-polished traceability, our diamonds are ethically acquired, sustainably produced and possess unparalleled brilliance.

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    Research and development on special cuts
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    Product with superior light return
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    Blockchain technology for transparency and traceability
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    Forward planning and timely delivery
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    Presence in every major trading hub
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    Online inventory with door to door shipping


Giving Back

We consistently enrich our communities through donations and subsidies to schools, blood donation campaigns, and hospital donations.


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