Shairu Gems Diamonds Pvt. Ltd. is a family-owned company driven by strong ethical beliefs and irreproachable corporate standards.

Through its corporate responsibility and philanthropic initiatives, Shairu Gems Diamonds Pvt. Ltd. is also committed to address important ethical, social and environmental issues for its communities.

Among other projects, we are organising annual blood donation campaigns and are a prime benefactor to a cardiac hospital in India that provides medical treatments at affordable costs, and dedicates a significant amount of resources to help the disadvantaged people of the country.
We are also subsidising the running of two public schools and have financed the construction of a girl school in the rural part of India as women are the most affected by illiteracy in the traditional Indian society.
Additionally, in order to balance India’s urbanisation, Shairu Gems Diamonds Pvt. Ltd. grows between 6,000 and 7,000 trees each year that are donated to municipalities, individuals, schools or real estate projects.

For more information about our ethical, social and environmental activities, do not hesitate to contact us on.